using a tricycle

The many advantages of using a tricycle

The advantages of using a tricycle make them a great buy for people of all ages, Tricycles offer many benefits to both children and adults. With the many styles and models available, it’s possible to find a trike that fits the needs of anyone at any age. Kids get the chance to play more independently while adults reap the rewards of spending more time outside.

Tricycles are available in many different sizes for all age groups which makes them a fun, positive way to exercise, play, or simply burn off extra energy. From toddlers just beginning to learn how to balance to adults looking for a reliable way to get exercise, tricycles are a smart choice.


The structure of a tricycle provides a great deal of comfort for both kids and adults. Those with back problems, will find that broad, padded tricycle seats are much more comfortable than the smaller, harder seats that bicycles have. Being able to sit for a long time without pain makes using a tricycle more enjoyable and encourages longer rides. 


They provide stability at startup, over wet streets, on gravel, on poorly maintained roads, and at all speeds. Tricycles are the safest cycling option.

Balance, stop/start & carrying loads

With a tricycle, you can simply stop + start for a rest without the need to balance, easily carry shopping or heavy loads with no problem at all.

Riding a tricycle also helps develop gross motor skills that are needed for almost everything, it seems. Gross motor skills refer to the large muscles groups of the body that enable running, walking, balance, coordination and more. Children develop these skills during early childhood and they improve as children get older.

There are many more advantages of using a tricycle that is making them a very popular choice amongst all ages and abilities, so take a look at our selection by clicking here

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