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All about our electric folding tricycles

Electric tricycles provide electric assisstance for when the going gets tough, such as steep inclines or on long distance rides. The electric assisstance can be set on different levels of assist, from a very small assist to full power assist. The different levels are great for slowly building up fitness.

The advantages of electric tricycles are numerous, you might be building fitness after a serious injury or health issue, in which case you are unable to cycle any distance, you can set the assist to help with the pedalling until you have rebuilt your fitness.


Scout electric tricycles are one of the lightest on the market, perhaps even the lightest.

Using a lightweight powerful battery which weighs only 0.7kg, it can easily be detached and transported indoors to charge easily using the charger provided.

Distance & Speed

Electric trikes can cover up to 40 miles using pedal assist, this should cover most cyclists trips there and back again!

At the speed limited 25KM/h (15.5mph) to ensure they comply with the electric bike laws so that no insruance or registration is needed for road use.

Balance, stop/start & carrying loads

With a tricycle, you can simply stop + start for a rest without the need to balance, easily carry shopping or heavy loads with no problem at all.

Riding a tricycle also helps develop gross motor skills that are needed for almost everything, it seems. Gross motor skills refer to the large muscles groups of the body that enable running, walking, balance, coordination and more. Children develop these skills during early childhood and they improve as children get older.

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